Are Pressure Washer Attachments Universal?

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From cars, driveways to outdoor furniture, pressure washers make it so much easier to clean. To get the maximum performance though, you need to use the right attachments. These accessories can extend the capabilities of your pressure washer, but can you use just any type? Are these parts interchangeable?

Pressure washer attachments are not universal. Attachments require different fitting sizes and connections. Some only work with particular brands, makes or models.

It is true that spray nozzles are color coded for easy reference, but you still need to use the right one for your pressure washer. Gas pressure washer accessories are generally incompatible with electric models, and vice versa.

There are a lot of pressure washer attachments, so we will only look over the most important ones. This will give you an idea of what each can do and the requirements. This article also goes through the fittings and connections you will need to plug in these attachments.

Types of Pressure Washer Attachments

If you are overwhelmed by the number of pressure washer attachments available, don’t be. Chances are you only need a few of these. But it is good to know what options are available. After all you might find one of these accessories can help you do a specific task.

Pressure Washer Spray Tips

Also known as spray nozzles, there are five main types classified by their color: red, yellow, green, white and black. There are also special nozzles for applying soap, variability and more.

These spray nozzle colors are also classified by degrees. The wider the degree, the more the water spray fans out. Aside from the colors, you also have to consider the PSI and GPM. This will make it easier for you to find what pressure washer spray nozzle to use.

Spray Guns

Spray guns are often packaged with pressure washers. If you aren’t happy with what you got, there are lots available sold for various models.

Spray guns and trigger guns are used interchangeably. The part with the trigger is the gun itself. The part where the spray nozzle is attached is the wand or lance.

Spray guns come in two basic types, a kit and the spray gun only. The kit includes nozzles, the wand and fittings. Sometimes a hose is added. A spray gun only has the gun and you buy the other parts separately.

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Wands and Hoses

A lot of pressure washers have wands (also called lances) bundled. If yours doesn’t come with one it is easy to buy online. Standard wands are fine for general cleaning, but there are special versions available.

Extension wands or hoses. As you might have guessed, extension hoses allow a pressure washer to clean further or higher. An extension wand can be used to clean the rooftop of a vehicle. It also lets you wash the upper parts of your house.

Telescoping wand. A telescoping wand provides greater reach for your pressure washer when using an attachment. This allows you to clean hard to reach areas, high locations and so on. Like extension wands, telescoping wands are available in different lengths.

Foam Cannons

A foam cannon is a bottle you plug onto the spray gun. It contains a soapy mixture and is used as a cleaning detergent.

You can adjust the foam density coming out of a foam cannon to match your needs. With a black spray nozzle and a spray gun, you can clean a car, siding, pavements and so on.

Sand Blasters

Sand blasters are ideal for clearing away rust, paint and other stains. If water pressure cannot take it off, use a sand blaster attachment.

There are many types of sand blaster, but most combine silica sand and baking soda. Like other pressure washer attachments, you need matching fittings to use this.

Surface Cleaners

If you need to clean a large deck, driveway or any large area, a surface cleaner is a good option. Its flat, circular shape can cover a large area, and its skirt prevents debris from spreading out of it.

Surface cleaners are available in various sizes and designs. Major brands offer this attachment and is widely used in homes. Because of its usefulness, you won’t have problems finding support for it.

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Brushes are exactly that, brushes you attach to a pressure washer. Because pressure washers are powerful, it might be too much for windows, glass and other delicate surfaces.

A brush attachment is ideal for any surface that requires gentle cleaning. From your car to furniture and others, it is a convenient accessory to have.

Gutter Cleaners

As you probably guessed from the name, these accessories are for gutter cleaning. You can recognize it by the curved shape. Depending on the design there might one or more nozzles connected to it.

Once plugged into your pressure washer, you can reach into the gutter for easy cleaning. The shape makes the job easy and quick.

Are Gas Pressure Washer Connections Universal?

No they are not. But only three types used, Quick Connect, 3/8” and M22. M22 is also known as 1/4”.

M22. The female plug interior diameter on gas pressure washers is 14 mm while the outer diameter is 22 mm. The inside diameter on electric pressure washers is 15 mm.

If you have an electric pressure washer, use an M22 15 mm fitting.

If you own a gas pressure washer, you need a M22 14 mm connection.

3/8”. The 3/8 of an inch indicates both male and female thread fittings. These 3/8” fittings look like M22 but not as wide.

Some pressure washers work with M22 fittings while others with 3/8”. These fittings are not interchangeable so you have to check what your pressure washer uses.

Quick Connect. These fittings are easy to identify because they don’t have any threads. Quick Connect fittings work with M22 or 3/8 adapters. You need male and female pressure washer attachments to make this work. Male to male and female to female are not going to fit.

Are Electric Pressure Washer Connections Universal?

Electric pressure washer attachments are mostly brand specific. If you want to use an attachment, pick one from the same brand.

With gas models, there is some degree of universality. Quick Connect, M22 and 3/8” fittings are universal so you can use those with any model.

With electric pressure washers it is different. The accessories have to match the model exactly, so these parts are often specific. Using brand X attachment on brand Y pressure washer can damage the machine or cause leaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pressure washer nozzles universal?

The color coding for spray nozzles are universally followed. Most are packaged with 3-4 nozzles, with green the most widely used for home and car cleaning. Aside from the color, you also have to consider its size.

Are pressure washer fittings universal?

Gas pressure washers use three types: M22, 3/8” and Quick Connect. Check which one your pressure washer uses. You cannot mix and match these fittings.

Are pressure washer hoses interchangeable?

You can attach any hose to a pressure washer as long as it has a compatible fitting or connection. The hose can be any length.

Can I use a different brand attachment for my pressure washer?

If you have a gas pressure washer, you can. Just make sure the attachment has fittings compatible with your equipment. If your pressure washer has M22 fittings for instance, the attachment must be designed for those.

Electric pressure washers often require the same brand. These pressure washers have unique designs and will only work with specific types of attachments. To ensure compatibility, it is best to use only accessories made by the same manufacturer.

Can I use any spray gun with my pressure washer?

With gas pressure washers, yes. Since there are only a limited number of fitting sizes, compatibility is not a problem. With an electric model, it is best to use one from the same brand.