Can Chainsaws be Stored Vertically?

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How we store chainsaws is not usually given a lot of thought. Many, perhaps most, just put the saw on a table until it is ready to be used again. But can chainsaws be stored vertically? What are the pros and cons if any? Will hanging a chainsaw cause damage?

You can store a chainsaw vertically as long as it is shielded from dirt and debris. To avoid oil leaks, do not fill the tank to the brim or just empty it. Do not expose the chainsaw to UV rays because it might damage the plastic components.

The bottom line: chainsaw vertical storage is fine. Before you hang the tool up in your shed however, there are some things you need to consider. Vertical storage itself is not going to cause damage, but you have to do it properly.

In the following sections we will look at the most common issues raised against vertically storing chainsaws and what you can do about it. A bit of planning is necessary but as you will see, it is perfectly doable.

Benefits of Chainsaw Vertical Storage

The biggest benefit of vertical storage is you can save space. Chainsaws come in different sizes and if you do a lot of woodcutting, you probably have several in your shed. The problem is chainsaws eat up a lot of space. Combine it with other tools and your shed could be littered with a lot of tools. A chainsaw bag like the one by Poweka is nice, but what if you have lots of chainsaws?

A vertical storage system solves this problem. Instead of leaving the chainsaw on a table, you can hang it up instead. Do this with your chainsaw and other tools and you can save a lot of room. If real estate is limited, hanging a chainsaw up may be the only option.

Even if your garage has room right now, vertical storage is still a good option. If you are going to buy several tools or a project needs more room, this is worth considering. Vertical storage also means you won’t trip over any tools again. Now that you know the benefits, let us look at the possible issues that can come up.

Can Chainsaws Support the Weight of Vertical Storage?

If you hang a chainsaw by its handles, will it hold? This is probably the biggest concern when it comes to vertical storage, but no worries.

You can hang a chainsaw by its handles as it is strong enough to support the weight of the tool. To be extra safe, hang the chainsaw from a nail or steel hook. Make sure the nail or hook is securely fastened to the wall and everything should be fine.

And as this video shows, you do not have to hang chainsaws by the handle. With a bit of creativity you can make a vertical rack. With this rack you can store several chainsaws without worrying about the pressure on the handles or other components.

There is no need to worry about the motor, gears and other parts in vertical storage. The weight is concentrated on the motor and in a well-designed rack like in the video, the wood serves as support for the chainsaw body.

Even if you hang the chainsaw on a simple metal hook, the weight is distributed well so the handles, rotor and gears will hold up.

Will Fuel Leak in a Vertically Stored Chainsaw?

This is another concern about vertical storage. This is a legitimate issue because chainsaw fuel caps have an orifice for air to get into. This is necessary to prevent a vacuum from forming as the fuel level goes down. If you hang the chainsaw it is possible for the fuel to seep through this opening.

There are two ways to avoid this: the first is to empty the fuel tank before storing it. The second is not to fill the tank. Keep the fuel level down so it does not reach the orifice. Note: this only applies to the fuel cap as the oil cap in today’s chainsaws are leakage-free.

If you won’t be using the chainsaw for several months, empty the fuel tank. Fuel degrades over time so if you are not going to run the tool, remove the gas. If you are going to cut some wood soon and don’t want to refill the whole tank, you can keep a small amount of fuel. Do not fill it up so the fuel does not leak.

Image: Treeminon15

A Word about Storage, Light and Solvents

As pointed out, chainsaw handles are well built. The one concern is if yours are made of plastic. If so, make sure the chainsaw is stored away from sunlight.

Sunlight or UV rays can slowly wear away plastic. Store the chainsaw under shade or away from the window. If you are building a tool rack, position it so sunlight coming from the window does not strike it. Plastics do not like UV rays, no matter how durable it is. Over time, the constant exposure will cause damage and could weaken the handles.

The other thing you should be careful with are solvents. These include ethanol, acetone, benzene, acetic acid etc. Keep these as far from the chainsaw as possible. Solvents and gas chainsaws can start a fire so it is best to be safe.

If you have solvents, create a separate rack or place them on another table. They should be kept away not just from chainsaws but other gas and electrical power tools you have. Never place solvents near flammable objects because they catch fire easily. Having a fire extinguisher nearby is also a good idea.

The Best Way to Vertically Store a Chainsaw

Planning goes a long way towards making chainsaw storage convenient. If space is not a problem you can just put it on your workbench. But vertical storage is the best solution if you want to save space and also prevent accidents. Here are some tips. These are for gas and electric chainsaws such as the Oregon CS1500 15A saw.

Decide on the Vertical Storage Design

You can keep it simple and use nails or a hook. Drill the nails or hooks and hang the chainsaw with its handles. This is quick and easy though some are concerned about the pressure on the handles. But as has been explained, those handles can support a lot of weight.

The other option is to create a wood rack. Cut a long piece of wood with openings that will fit the chainsaw bar. Once the bar goes through, the chainsaw body will rest on the wood.

If you have just one chainsaw, a simple hook or nail is ideal. But if you have several chainsaws and tools, a wood rack is the more practical solution. Whichever method you choose, you should plan ahead specially if you intend to buy more tools.


Clean the chainsaw before storing it. Wipe the dirt, sawdust, debris, foliage etc. Wiping with a piece of cloth should be enough.

If you are going to store the chainsaw for a long period, a more thorough maintenance is needed. Empty the fuel tank and give the chainsaw bar and chain a thorough cleaning. Do the same with the air filters, exhaust, fuel filter and the rest of the engine. Replace any worn out parts. Do not forget to clean the carburetor as well.

Do not store the chainsaw wet. Wait for it to dry before you hang it up. Letting water drip is going to mess up the floor and could cause an accident. A wet chainsaw is also vulnerable to damage so give it time to dry.

Keep the Shed Clean

A clean chainsaw will only stay that way if the shed is tidy. Remove dust and debris from the shed and maintain it well. Dust can quickly fill up the air filter you just cleaned so you have to do maintenance in the shed too.

Keep the tools and items in your shed organized. You can use vertical storage not just for the chainsaw but for the other tools and items in your shed. You not only recover additional room but prevent dust from building up.