Do Electric Pressure Washers Need Oil?

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We know of course, that gas pressure washers need oil to operate. But what about electric models? If you have an electric pressure washer for instance, do you still need to put oil in it? Or will the machine run fine without fuel since it is operating on electric power? In this article we will answer this question and a lot more.

The pump in an electric pressure washer requires oil to run but their motors do not. Gas pressure washers on the other hand, need oil for the pump and engine. In general, electric washers consume less oil than their gas counterparts.

What Type of Oil Should an Electric Pressure Washer Use?

Non-detergent oil is the best for an electric pressure washer. It does a good job of lubricating the pump without getting dirty. These oils also protect the pump from corrosion and plays a huge role in making it last longer. While these pressure washers consume power they still need oil too.

One of the biggest differences between an engine and a pump is that pumps do not have an oil filter. The engine oil filter traps dirt and particles so fuel remains clean. Pumps do not have these so you have to use clean oil. Otherwise the dirty oil will spread throughout the pump and motor.

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Non-detergent oil is not only clean but affordable. Electric pressure washers do not use a lot of oil anyway so that is another plus. Non-detergent oil is particularly good at lubricating pumps used in high powered washers. If you have a gas pressure washer, you can use synthetic oil for its engine too,

This brings up the matter of why a pressure washer running on electricity would need oil. Actually, these washers have electric motors and do not require oil to run. But their pumps have to be lubricated to operate smoothly.

Oil lubricates the pump to keep its parts running without a hitch. Run a pressure washer pump without lubrication and it will wear out quickly. The good news is pumps do not require a lot of oil. Put a little on and that should be enough to get the mechanism going.

How to Change Electric Pressure Washer Pump Oil

The first thing you should do is prepare the necessary tools and materials. These are applicable for the SunJoe SPX3000 and other electric pressure washers.

You will need new oil, a pan or bucket, a dipstick, a screwdriver or wrench and a rag. This video shows you how to change oil in a pressure washer pump. If you prefer to read the instructions, follow the guide below.

Step 1. Check how much oil is left in the pressure washer. Use a dipstick if your washer does not have an oil window.

Step 2. Turn the pressure washer on. Let the motor run for a while so the pump oil heats up. The warmer the oil, the thinner it gets and the faster it will drain.

Step 3. When the motor has warmed up, turn the washer off.

Step 4. Place the bucket or pan under the oil drain. Unscrew the drain and take off the bolt. This will make draining simpler.

Step 5. Let the oil drain into the bucket. This might take a few seconds or minutes depending on how viscous the liquid is.

Step 6. When draining is complete, remove the bucket. Dispose of the old oil properly. Pour the new oil into the pump. Fill it according to manufacturer instructions. Put the drain stopper on as well as all the screws and bolts.

Step 7. Wipe any spills with a rag. When you are finished, store your tools.

Step 8. Turn on the pressure washer and give it a try. The pump should run without any problems thanks to the new oil.

Unlike gas pressure washers, these electric models do not need engine oil. Their motor runs on electrical power, so you can save on the fuel.

How Often Should You Change Pressure Washer Oil?

Pressure washer pump oil should be changed every three months. If the pressure washer is new, replace the oil after 50 hours of use. After that you can change every 3 months, every new season, every quarter or every 300 hours.

As you can tell there are no hard and fast rules, because a lot depends on how you use it. A heavily used pressure washer will benefit from frequent oil change. In this case it makes sense to replace the pump oil every three months, or at least at the start of a new season. A quality pressure washer like the Westinghouse WPX3200 does not need a lot of oil change. It offers good value and can handle heavy duty use.

If your pressure washer is not used that often, oil change can be less frequent. It does not have to be every 300 hours, but you can wait a few months.

Your owner’s manual might have information about pump oil change so use that as a guide. If you notice any change in water pressure or performance, check the pump. If the oil has a milk-like color then it is time for a change. A milky-like oil also means you have to change the oil more frequently.

The longer you use a pressure washer, the more familiar you become with its intricacies. You will know when the pump is not working properly and if an oil change is needed.

What Happens if You Do Not Use Oil?

You should never run an electric pressure washer without oil. Doing so will damage the pump and the rest of its components. Once the pump is damaged, the pressure washer will no longer function.

The pump is made up of several intricate parts. Every time you turn on the washer, these parts move and create friction. Over time, friction wears out the pump, similar to what happens to any engine.

What oil does is lubricate these components so everything runs smoother and easier. A well-lubricated pump works better and will last longer. When combined with proper maintenance for the rest of your pressure washer, you can expect years of service.

The pump does most of the work when you use a pressure washer. For this reason, its parts get the most use and most likely to suffer wear and tear.

By using oil you are making the task easier for the pressure washer. Yes it runs on electronics, but the oil is important in terms of providing protection for the pump.

Of course for this to work, you must use the right type of oil. Non-detergent oil works with all electric pressure washer pumps, but some models may prefer specific brands or types.

If you are not sure what oil to use, look up the washer manual. If there is nothing mentioned, use non-detergent oil. You cannot go wrong as long as you fill the pump with the right amount.

Electric Pressure Washer Maintenance Guide

Electric pressure washers will run better and faster if you perform regular maintenance. The good thing is you only have a few items on your checklist, as these pressure washers are low maintenance. Follow these tips and your washer will last a long time.

Check the wiring. Electric pressure washers depend on wiring and electronics to function. If any of these break, the washer will not run. If you see smoke coming from the pressure washer or the motor is too hot, turn it off. Have a professional check the wiring if you are not an expert in these electronics.

Proper storage. Store the pressure washer in a cool, dry place. Avoid very hot and very cold storages because it will damage the plastic casing. If you are not going to use the pressure washer for a long time, remove the pump oil.

Clean regularly. Just like any outdoor tool, pressure washers get exposed to dirt, grease and grime. Filters can only do so much so you have to clean it. This will go a long way towards making your pressure washer last.

Read the manual for maintenance instructions. This might be stating the obvious, but it makes a huge difference. Not all pressure washers are the same, and some models may require specific maintenance.