Do Lawn Mowers Have Titles?

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If you want to buy or sell a car you need a title certificate. This document, among others, is used to prove that you are the rightful owner. Does this apply to rider lawn mowers too? To answer right away, lawn mowers do require this for any sales, but there are several methods that are used for identification.

Lawn mowers do not have titles, but they have VIN (vehicle identification number) or serial numbers. You can find this on the back left or right front wheel. Your receipt or sales invoice also includes this number and other information related to the lawn mower.

Where to Find Your Lawn Mower Serial Number

The VIN or serial number is on the sales receipt that you got after buying a lawn mower. You will also find it on the upper right of the product ID and on the owner’s manual. If you no longer have the manual, you can go to the manufacturer website and you should be able to find it there.

These numbers are also printed on the mower, but its location varies. On rider mowers it is on the back left wheel or just below the right front wheel. On the seat pan you will find the product identification number.

Do not confuse this with the engine number, as that will always be on the engine. Push or walk behind lawn mowers have the serial number on the left of the cutting deck.

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If you just bought a mower and cannot find the serial number, the first place to look is the invoice. You will find the serial number, make and model, date of sale and other pertinent information. If you decide to sell your Ariens IKON XD mower, these information are required to provide proof of ownership.

The VIN is applicable only to rider mowers. For push mowers it is called serial number only. Whatever you want to call, it serves the same purpose, to be an identifier for the machine.

Are Lawn Mower Serial Numbers the Same as Titles?

Serial numbers are not the same as titles. But as explained earlier, lawn mowers do not have titles so it is not an issue if you want to sell it. However, you have to provide the serial number in the documentation of sale.

A serial number identifies the product as being unique from the rest. If your lawn mower is hard to pull, there might be a problem with the crankshaft, starter cord or other parts. By using the serial number you can order a replacement that is designed to work with that particular model.

Manufacturers release now lawn mowers all the time, and it is impossible to create parts that are compatible with each one. So they assign serial numbers to mowers and to its compatible components so you know what to buy.

Some serial numbers are used in warranty. If yours suffered any damage and is covered by the warranty, you may have to provide the serial number to the manufacturer along with other documentation.

Can You Sell a Lawn Mower without a Title?

Since lawn mowers do not possess titular certificates, you are not required to provide one. The buyer will not expect one either so it is not a problem. However there are some things you need to do to conduct a sale successfully. This applies not just to rider mowers but other types as well including the PowerSmart 26-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.

Have the documentation ready. Get all the necessary documents and papers to prove you are the rightful owner. This includes the sales receipt, the owner’s manual, warranty and other papers that came with your mower.

If you had replaced any parts, this information must be stated. Include the receipts for the now parts you bought and any other relevant documents.
Include the warranty coverage for the parts and other essential paperwork. Even if your papers are complete, the state of your mower is the crucial part. If your lawn mower blades are too loose for instance, you have to fix it first before selling.

For minor issues you can add a disclaimer in the sales document that the product is sold “as is”. This way the buyer will not be able to claim you sold them a faulty mower.

The deed of sale should have your name, address and other particulars. Include the price and the above-mentioned “as is” condition of the product.

Perform Repairs and Maintenance

If you decide to do any repair work on the mower, you have to inform potential buyers. If you replaced the spark plugs, starter cord, or any other component, this must be disclosed. If the lawn mower is old, the buyer may expect this already, but it is always better to be upfront about this.

In some cases the repair work may be purely on the cosmetic side. You applied paint to worn out or faded areas, fixed scratches, applied spray paint on certain parts etc. You should also let possible buyers know about this.

If you want to sell your lawn mower, it is best to do this, even if time consuming. An old broken down mower is going to be a hard sell especially when there are high quality used lawn mowers available.

Spending money on repairs is a good investment in this case. You show the buyer that you only sell quality products and that will leave a good impression. It also increases the possibility that they will buy the lawn mower and you can profit from it.

Cleaning Tips

Once you are done performing fixes, it is time to give the mower a good cleaning. This will make it more appealing to buyers and entice them to buy.

A garden hose, air compressor or a bucket of water and rag should be enough. Wipe the weeds, debris, grease and dirt that has accumulated on the mower.

Use a brush to clean hard to reach parts. If water is not enough, use a cleaning solution. While you are at it, replace the air and fuel filters to give it a new look. If the blades are dull, replace them too. You can leave the mower with the old parts, but make sure to mention this in the product description when you put it up for sale online.

Do not put oil in the mower because it might take a while before a prospective buyer shows up. Laving oil inside an inactive lawn mower is fine for a few days. But if the days turn into weeks, the fuel can become viscous and damage the engine.

Provide Clear Photos

If you have ever tried to sell anything online, you know how important it is to take clear images. The pictures should show the front, back and both sides of the mower. Take the shots during the day so the images are as clear as possible.

It is important that the images you take accurately represent the colors and features of the lawn mower. Take close up shots of any scratches or imperfections to show potential buyers you are not hiding anything.

By providing clear images you make it easier for the buyer to determine if the mower is to their liking. It also means they can examine the mower closely without having to send you a bunch of emails asking about its appearance.

Honest Description

This on does not need a long explanation. When you put your lawn mower up for sale online, it must have clear and honest information. State the name, make and model. Include the specifications and if it is used, new or heavily used.

Add details on any damaged parts or ones that have been replaced. If there are scratches or faded paint, put that in the description and include photos of the affected areas.

Check the price of other lawn mowers in similar conditions to yours. You should set a similar price range, or high if yours is in better shape. Once you have done all those, the only thing left to do is to wait for the buyer and when they arrive, complete the transaction.