Can a Lawn Mower Fit in My Car?

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Lawn mowers have become more powerful and easier to use, but a lot of them have gotten bigger too. If you need to transport a lawn mower, will it fit in your car? With so many types of mowers there is no one answer here. To find out if your mower specifically fits in a car seat or trunk, keep reading.

Most car seats and trunks are large enough to fit average push lawn mower. For a rider or tractor mower, you will need a truck. You may also use a tow hitch to haul the mower.

A rider mower is about 6 feet long, 4 feet high and weighs 500-600 lbs. or more. Clearly that is not going to fit in a car. In this case the only option is a tow or a large truck.

A modern push lawn mower is small enough to fit in a car trunk or seat. Most have collapsible handles that make them even smaller. Push, reel and electric mowers are about 3 feet long but because they are foldable is easy to transport. The American Lawn Mower should fit in a car without trouble.

How to Load a Lawn Mower to a Car

How you transport a lawn mower depends on two factors: the mower type and the vehicle you will be putting it in. The larger the mower, the more space will obviously be required.

This video shows you how to fit a lawn mower in a car. As you will see it is not that difficult especially with modern designs that emphasize convenience.

If you want more detailed step by step instructions, follow the guidelines below. This is for push mowers to be stored in cars. For larger mowers, see the section of this article on “what if the mower cannot fit in a car”.

  1. Put the lawn mower back in its original box. If that is not possible, get a new box that is large enough for the machine.
  2. The box should be a tight fit. Fill the empty space with Styrofoam or other soft material. This will serve as cushion for the mower so it does not get tossed around. This is why you will want the box to be as tight as possible.
  3. If you have the Black + Decker 3 in1 or another electric lawn mower, turn it off and disconnect from the power source. If the mower is battery powered, remove the battery. If the mower is gas, shut the engine off and remove all the fuel. If it is a 2-stroke you only have to empty one tank. If it 4-stroke, remove the oil and gas from their respective reservoirs.
  4. Remove the sparkplug. Since you already removed the fuel. The risk is in case the mower flips over, the fuel could spill and generate a spark or damage components. Without the gas that is not likely. But it is better to be safe and take the sparkplug off anyway to be really safe.
  5. Disconnect any attachments on the mower. If it can be detached, remove it and store in a separate box or bubble wrap.
  6. Store the mower upright in the trunk or seat. Even if the machine is devoid of liquids, storing upright is ideal so the engine components do not get unnecessary hits and bumps.

Safety Guidelines for Loading Mowers

If the mower is now and still in the box, you can put it in the trunk or seat. If the mower is out of the box, fold the handles.

Whether you put the mover in trunk or seat, position the machine so it is upright. Keep the mower as secure as possible to prevent sudden jolts. If it is gas, empty the fuel tank first. A sudden jolt that tips the machine over could cause fuel to spill. By emptying the tank you eliminate this possibility.

Again, it is a good idea to put the mower back in its box during the trip. If you no longer have the box any container will do. What you want is provide cover or cushion in case the trip gets bumpy.

Once you reach your destination, unload the mower. If the journey was a smooth one the mower should be fine. But go ahead and test it anyway just to be sure. If it does not run, check the alternator or motor as some parts might have come loose.

If the lawn mower is too big for your car, do not cram it in the trunk. Use a tow or disassemble it. You can even hire a hauling service to load the mower for you. Forcing a mower to fit in the limited space can cause all kinds of problems and might even damage the machine.

What if My Lawn Mower Does Not Fit in My Car?

Putting a push mower into a car is one thing, but what if you need to haul a rider mower? For rider or tractor mowers, you have two options, a tow hitch or put the mower onto a truck.

Put the mower on the truck. The easiest way to do this is with a wood or steel ramp. You will need the following.

  1. A couple of 2×4 wood pieces, 5-6 ft. long (depends on how long the mower is)
  2. Two cinder blocks or other large objects to place under the wood ramps
  3. Place the two pieces of wood against the back of your truck. Put the cinder blocks under the ramps so they do not slip.
  4. Carefully push the mower up the ramp. This should not be too difficult since riders have wheels. When the mower is at the top of the ramps, lower it carefully so it touches down on the truck on its tires.
  5. Remove the ramps and cinder blocks and you are done. This method is often used with trucks, but you can do the same on a car. Place the ramps against the trunk and roll the mower into it.

Use a tow hitch. You can hook up a tow hitch or Harbor Freight trailer to your truck and haul the mower. This is the most practical solution for large tractors. This video shows you how to connect a trailer to a pickup truck.

After the mower is on the truck, secure it so bumps on the road do not cause the mower to tip over. This is another reason why you should remove the gas so nothing gets spilled over. Always wear gloves when handling lawn mowers regardless of their size.

There is a third option, which is to hire a hauling service. Call one near your area, tell them about the mower and they will take care of it. You do not have to do anything but it will cost you. The amount varies and for most, it is only as a last resort.

Why You Need to Transport a Lawn Mower

There are two situations when you will need to move a mower. First, if you just bought one and taking it home. Second if you are moving to a new location and want to bring the mower with you. Let us look at the best ways to handle this.

Buying a now lawn mower. It is best to make the purchase online. This saves you time and more importantly, the vendor will deliver the box to your doorstep. These packages can weigh from 25-100 lbs. depending on the size and number of accessories included.

However, the mower is safely secured in the box. You can put in the trunk or the backseat and save yourself the trouble of folding and/or disassembling the mower.

Moving a lawn mower to another location is another matter. You have to check first if the transport is large enough. Second, you have to prepare the mower for the ride ahead. That means shutting the engine or motor off and in the case of a gas mower, emptying the fuel tank and removing the sparkplug. Only then can you transport it.