Can Leaf Blowers be Made Quiet?

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Leaf blowers are noisy, no doubt about that. In fact they make so much noise many cities have imposed restrictions on their use or imposed a ban. So the question is why is this problem still here? Why aren’t manufacturers producing silent leaf blowers? As you will see, there has actually been a lot of developments in this area.

Manufacturers can create quiet leaf blowers, but it would cost a lot of money. It would also make the engine motor larger and impractical to use. There are electric and battery leaf blowers in the 55-65 dB range available, but they are not as powerful as gas models.

Why Leaf Blowers are So Loud

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Before we look at other options for reducing the noise, we need to understand why leaf blowers are noisy. This is directly related to why companies are not making quieter ones.

Leaf blower noise comes from the engine. Engines are loud because the cylinders oscillate, plus the combustion process generates vibration and noise. This is applicable for all engines, not just leaf blowers. The more powerful the motor the louder it is.

Another source is the air coming out of the nozzle. The engine or electric motor powers the blades which produces the force that is acting on the air. The force pulls air into the blower then the fan pushes it out with strength.

The running engine and the fan pushing air out make leaf blowers loud. The noise is one of the reasons why you should not use leaf blowers indoors It is irritating and a source of noise pollution.

This video shows how a leaf blower works and why it is so noisy.

Companies can make leaf blowers quieter, but they do not do so because of money. Making a leaf blower quiet will increase the cost. Naturally they will have to pass this on to the consumer who will b less inclined to buy.

The goal of a company is to make money. To do this, they want to make a product as cheaply as possible and sell to as many customers as possible. Making leaf blowers quieter will cost more and likely reduce their customer base.

To reduce leaf blower noise will also require a redesign. An electric motor can be used instead of a fuel engine for example. But this is going to increase the weight and the cost. Nobody wants to use a heavy blower so it will not appeal to people.

How to Make Leaf Blowers Quieter

While companies are still producing a lot of noisy blowers, there are ways you can minimize the noise and not anger the neighbors. You can also take these steps to protect your ears.

Use a cordless leaf blower. Stihl, Echo, Ryobi and other manufacturers all have portable and quiet blowers available. The Kimo Cordless Leaf Blower is another good option as it also doubles as a vacuum.

They are not as powerful as gas models, but they are not as noisy either. In many cases these blowers are enough for residential homes.

Use the blower at the right distance. The right distance is at least 50 ft. from anyone. That should be enough to minimize noise discomfort and complaints. Of course you should wear ear plugs to protect yourself.

Replace old blowers. Newer leaf blowers have better noise reduction capabilities. Unless you don’t have neighbors, using an old, loud blower is going to irritate them. While modern leaf blowers are not silent, at least they are quieter.

Noise reducing attachments. Some leaf blowers have nozzles or special attachments that reduce noise. Not all models have this, so read the owner’s manual. You might also find other helpful information there on how to minimize the noise.

Check the regulation in your area. Some cities do not have any rules about blowers, and others ban their use. Learn the regulations in place before you buy a leaf blower. And even if there are no specific rules, be courteous and try the tips given here to reduce the noise.

Some cities do not allow gas blowers at all so the only options are electric and battery. Both are much quieter than gas and also less powerful. Corded blowers offer unlimited power but your movement is restricted by the cord length. Batteries offer freedom of movement but limited power.

Are There Quiet Leaf Blowers Available?

There are no silent blowers yet, but manufacturers have being making quiet leaf blowers. By quiet it means the decibel range is around 55-65dB. That is far from silent, but it is better than a gas blower at 90dB. The Stihl BGA 200 and the Makita XBU03SM1 are both below 60 decibels.

So if companies can make leaf blowers that are less than 60dB, why is it not more widespread? Why are loud gas units still being made today?

The answer goes back to money and the needs of the customer. Engineers today have the means to make blowers quieter. But it is not their decision to make. It is up to the company because they have to consider the cost and return on investment.

The best way to reduce leaf blower noise is replace the engine with an electric motor. An anti-vibration feature can be added too. But these features will make the blower bulky and heavy. Fewer people are going to buy these products. So not only does the manufacturer spend more, but they could end up selling less.

That being said, there are quiet blowers available. These are not as powerful as gas models, but for a small yard these models will work. The Stihl BGE 61 and the Echo PB265LNT run at 65dB. The Stihl BGA 100 is at 56dB and Ryobi and Makita also manufacture blowers that are under 60 decibels.

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The good news is that this technological limitation will be overcome. Older blowers were even louder and research is ongoing to make these engines quieter without getting bulky.

The threat of banning leaf blowers is another reason why companies are looking for ways to mitigate the noise. In the end, the consumer will be the one to benefit from this.

Related Questions

How noisy are leaf blowers?

Gas leaf blowers can reach up to 85-990 decibels. Electric blowers are usually in the 60-70 decibel range. Newer battery powered blowers at under 60 decibels are now available.

Is the loud noise a health risk?

Anything over 75 decibels can induce hearing loss with prolonged exposure. That is why a lot of cities are now limiting or banning the use of these blowers. It is also the reason why manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce the noise.

What is the quietest leaf blower?

The Stihl BGA 100 is rated at 56dB. Many companies like Ryobi and Makita also have blowers with a 59 decibel rating.

Why aren’t companies making low noise leaf blowers?

It will require a complete engine overhaul, which costs money. It will also make leaf blowers heavier and more difficult to use. For these monetary and practical reasons, it is hard to mass replace gas blowers.

Is it possible to make a silent leaf blower?

Making a leaf blower 100% silent may not be possible yet. But there are quit blowers available. These are electric or battery powered and are under 60 decibels.

Are all gas blowers noisy?

Yes, because they run on a fuel engine. The way the cylinders function and combust will always produce noise. This is going to happen whether the engine is in a leaf blower, car or a chainsaw.

How many cities have banned leaf blowers?

So far 100 cities have completely banned leaf blowers and more may follow. This is why manufacturers are looking for ways to reduce the noise so the tool can be allowed again.

How do I protect my ears from the loud noise?

There are many ear plugs available online. These will provide protection while you run the blower. If you are using an electric or battery leaf blower, these ear plugs may not be necessary.