Using Leaf Blowers on Large Yards

Gas leaf blowers are indispensable tools for maintaining large yards, offering efficiency and power to tackle debris and leaves with ease. However, using them effectively requires more than just pointing and blowing. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of using a gas leaf blower on large yards, covering everything from preparation to operation … Read more

Can I Dry My Dog with a Leaf Blower?

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Can a Leaf Blower Blow Wet Leaves?

As leaves start to accumulate around your yard, it is time to get that trusty leaf blower OUT and take care of things. But what if the leaves are wet? Can your leaf blower still be effective? There are a lot of conflicting answers to this question, and in this post we will settle the … Read more

Can a Leaf Blower Damage Your Car?

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Do Leaf Blowers Work on Gravel?

Trees no doubt make your garden more picturesque, but those leaves can create a mess on the gravel. If you have a lot of trees, leaves can scatter all over the place. Can you use a leaf blower to clear things up or will it make things worse? You are in the right place as … Read more

Do Leaf Blowers Also Vacuum?

Leaf blowers are used to, well, blow and clear leaves. But what if you want to collect the leaves instead for mulch? Being able to blow leaves and gather them in a bag sounds great, and that is where leaf blower vacuums come in. The idea of combining these two functions is not new, but … Read more

Can Leaf Blowers be Made Quiet?

Leaf blowers are noisy, no doubt about that. In fact they make so much noise many cities have imposed restrictions on their use or imposed a ban. So the question is why is this problem still here? Why aren’t manufacturers producing silent leaf blowers? As you will see, there has actually been a lot of … Read more

Is a Leaf Blower a Power Tool?

Leaf blowers come in many forms but they have the same function, clear leaves. It is a garden and outdoor tool to be sure. But can you call a blower a power tool? Drills, chainsaws and routers definitely belong to that list, so can we add a leaf blower to that? A leaf blower is … Read more

Are Leaf Blowers Waterproof?

You have probably seen some people use leaf blowers in the rain. Some may have told you it is safe while others claim it is dangerous. So which one is it? This guide explains what you have to do when it comes to rain and wet conditions in general. As you will see, a lot … Read more