Can You Use a Chainsaw without Chain Brake?

Chainsaws are reliable power tools, but with that power comes potential health risks. For this reason chainsaws are equipped with a host of safety features. The chain brake is one of those that has been around for a while. But is it possible to use a chainsaw minus the chain brake? The answer to this … Read more

Can You Cut Concrete with a Chainsaw?

If you need to cut trees and logs, a chainsaw gets the job done nicely. But what if you have to break down some cement blocks or masonry? For that a standard chainsaw will not work. You need specially made cutters that can handle hard surfaces. And there are such tools available now. A concrete … Read more

Why Your Chainsaw Smells Like Burning

There are few things more alarming than a burning smell coming from your chainsaw. Whether it is gas or electric, a burning odor or worse smoke is a cause for concern. Do not throw away your chainsaw yet though, because there are solutions that you can try. If your chainsaw smells like it is burning, … Read more

Chainsaw vs. Reciprocating Saw – Which to Buy?

Chainsaws and reciprocating saws are both widely used for wood work, but which is more effective? Are you better off buying one, the other or both? The answer depends on the kind of projects you will be doing. Both are capable of performing similar tasks, but each excels in a specific area too. Chainsaws are … Read more

Chainsaw Keeps Cutting Out – Solved

If your chainsaw suddenly cuts out, there are a number of possible reasons. As you might expect this has something to do with the engine, but finding the cause is easy. The even better news is you can fix most of these problems without taking the chainsaw to a repair center. A chainsaw keeps cutting … Read more

Are Chainsaws 2 Stroke or 4 Stroke?

If you are going to buy a gas chainsaw, understanding the difference between 2 and 4 stroke engines will be essential. In this article we explain what a 2 and 4 stroke engine are, what chainsaws often use and how it affects performance. Almost all chainsaws are 2 stroke because it is more powerful and … Read more

Can Chainsaws Cut Through Bone?

Modern chainsaws are designed for woodcutting, but how good is it Can a chainsaw really be used this way or will you need another cutter? This is what this article will answer, and you might be surprised at what you’ll find out. Almost any type of chainsaw can cut through bone. However it will not … Read more