Sharpen Chainsaw Blades Step by Step

Keeping your chainsaw blades sharp is not only essential for efficient cutting but also critical for safety. Dull blades not only reduce cutting effectiveness but also increase the risk of kickback, which can be hazardous. While professional sharpening services are available, learning to sharpen chainsaw blades at home can save time and money, as well … Read more

Best Chainsaw Safety Gear for Protection

Chainsaws are powerful tools used for various tasks, from cutting firewood to trimming trees. However, their sharp blades and high-speed operation pose significant risks to operators. To ensure safety while using a chainsaw, it’s crucial to invest in the right protective gear. This article explores the best chainsaw safety gear to protect yourself during tree … Read more

Electric Chainsaw Maintenance – Updated Guide

Electric chainsaws have become a popular choice for both professional lumberjacks and homeowners due to their efficiency, ease of use, and environmental friendliness. To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your electric chainsaw, regular maintenance is crucial. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to keep your electric chainsaw in … Read more

Chainsaws to Rent – The Real Cost

A chainsaw is essential for logging, tree maintenance and other related outdoor work. But if you don’t have the budget or only need to use a chainsaw occasionally, renting or leasing is a good idea. The cost of renting a chainsaw ranges from $20 to $100 per day, with $70-90 being the average. You can … Read more

Can You Start a Chainsaw without Primer Bulb?

This is one question that often comes up especially when troubleshooting chainsaws. If the engine refuses to rev after multiple tries, we check the primer bulb. If it is broken the usual recommendation is to replace it. But is it possible to use a chainsaw minus a primer bulb? Yes, and this guide shows you … Read more

Can You Use a Chainsaw without Chain Brake?

Chainsaws are reliable power tools, but with that power comes potential health risks. For this reason chainsaws are equipped with a host of safety features. The chain brake is one of those that has been around for a while. But is it possible to use a chainsaw minus the chain brake? The answer to this … Read more

Can You Cut Concrete with a Chainsaw?

If you need to cut trees and logs, a chainsaw gets the job done nicely. But what if you have to break down some cement blocks or masonry? For that a standard chainsaw will not work. You need specially made cutters that can handle hard surfaces. And there are such tools available now. A concrete … Read more

Why Your Chainsaw Smells Like Burning

There are few things more alarming than a burning smell coming from your chainsaw. Whether it is gas or electric, a burning odor or worse smoke is a cause for concern. Do not throw away your chainsaw yet though, because there are solutions that you can try. If your chainsaw smells like it is burning, … Read more