Why Your Cordless Hedge Trimmer Stopped Working

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Cordless or battery hedge trimmers are convenient to use, with no cord to slow you down. These are not as expensive or noisy as gas trimmers either. So there you are happily trimming along but suddenly the hedge trimmer stops. What now? No need to worry as this guide will show the most common reasons and how you can fix it.

Turn the hedge trimmer off and recharge the battery until it is 100% full. If it still does not run, clean the blade and if necessary replace it. If the battery is not charging there could a problem with the charger, the power source or the battery itself.

Battery Low on Power

If the battery runs out of power the hedge trimmer will stop working. Turn the tool off and check how much battery is left. If it is 0% or close to it, you need to recharge it.

Recharging can take 30 minutes to more than 2 hours depending on how depleted the power is. Once the battery is full, try the hedge trimmer again. If it works then you know the problem was the lack of power.

If the battery cannot charge, make sure the charger is securely plugged into a power source. If it is, there could be a problem with the charger. If possible try another charger. If that charger works then the problem is the battery itself. In this case you have to buy a replacement.

If your hedge trimmer is new, its battery should last a long time. Check your owner’s manual for information on its lifespan. While the battery itself can last for years, each charge is good for 1-2 hours.

The running time depends on how often and how heavily you use the trimmer. For small hedge trimmings the battery should last at least an hour, maybe more. If you are cutting ivy and heavy shrubs, it could run out in 30 minutes or so

Hedge Trimmer Blade Does Not Cut Like Before

There are three possible reasons: an overloaded motor, a dull blade or running low on battery power.

Start by checking the battery and if the capacity is low, recharge it. If the battery is fully charged but the cuts are not the same as before, it could be due to an overloaded motor.

Battery hedge trimmers such as the Eveage 20V are designed to cut only small branches and shrubs. If you use it to trim thick materials, it could overload the motor and severely affect performance. This can actually damage the motor so avoid it.

Dirty air vents will clog the motor with debris, causing it to overheat. Performing regular cleaning on your hedge trimmer can reduce the risk of overheating. Another possible reason is the blade lacks lubrication. Lubricants help keep blade cuts consistent and also reduces wear and tear. This is essential to make the blade last longer.

Image Credit: Mark Hunter

If your hedge trimmer is not cutting as efficiently as before, turn it off and remove the blade.. Lubricate the blade and put it back on. If the cuts are still not like before, you may need to sharpen or replace the blade.

If the blade dulls quickly, you might be using it to cut very thick branches. The maximum cutting capacity of most hedge trimmers is 3/4 of an inch. Some models can cut way less, so you have to check the manual. Do not cut anything larger or thicker than what the blade can handle.

Hedge Trimmer Runs but Does Not Cut

The blade is probably clogged with debris. This can happen after cutting a lot of hedges and shrubs. The blade gets filled with leaves, branches and other materials it can no longer move.

To fix this, turn the hedge trimmer off. Remove the blade and clean it thoroughly. Dry cloth is fine for light dirt but a damp rag might be the better option. After you are done cleaning, oil the blade. Put the blade back on and try it again. This usually works for the Craftsman V20

This is a rare problem but does happen. Usually cleaning the blade is all that is required. One other possible reason is a damaged blade. If the blade or one of the connecting parts is broken, it will not cut no matter how you clean it. The only solution is to replace the blade.

Hedge Trimmer Blade Does Not Cut or Move

The most common reason is debris has clogged the blade. You have to clean it thoroughly and that should resolve the problem.

This video shows you how to clean hedge trimmer blades. The process is similar to other brands so you can try it safely. If you would rather read the instructions, follow the proceeding steps.

  1. Turn the hedge trimmer off.
  2. Remove the blade from the tool. This may require you to remove some screws.
  3. Clean the blade. Check if it is still sharp. Sharpen the blade if needed.
  4. Apply lubricant to the blade. If you are replacing the blade, lubricate it too.
  5. Put the screws back in place. Turn the hedge trimmer on and try it again.

If this does not work, check if the battery is fully charged. If it is, there is probably a mechanical failure. Take the hedge trimmer to a repair shop. You should also check if the warranty covers this type of damage.

Safety Guidelines and Precautions

Always wear work gloves before you try any of these fixes. Hedge trimmer blades are sharp and you can get injured if you hold it with your bare hands. Wear safety glasses to protect yourself from any debris that might fly off while you clean.

Always turn the battery off before you troubleshoot. If the battery is charging, disconnect from the power source and turn it off. Never attempt to diagnose or repair a hedge trimmer when it is on. Remove the battery before doing any repair.

Put the blade cover on when the tool is not in use. If you are sharpening the blade or replacing it, wear thick gloves. Do not put your finger between the teeth and do not touch the tip. When you are finished, put the blade cover back on.

Keep the work area as clear and clean as possible. Hedge trimmer blades can get jammed if they come into contact with large rocks or sharp objects.

Never use your hedge trimmer without the safety guard on. When using the tool, keep your body away from it. Do not get near the blade while it is running.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my battery hedge trimmer vibrating?

This is an indication of a mechanical problem. Shut the hedge trimmer off immediately. Do not use it anymore until you have taken it to a repair service center. It is dangerous to attempt to fix this yourself because it can void the warranty.

Why is my hedge trimmer starting and stopping?

The blade is probably dirty and filled with debris. Clean and lubricate it. If that does not work, charge the battery to full power.

Why is the battery not charging?

Make sure the battery pack is properly installed. Next, check the charger and power source. If both are working the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Why is my cordless hedge trimmer not running at maximum capacity?

The blade is clogged up with so much debris it is unable to turn anymore. Or the battery power is so low the motor can barely run. Check the power status and clean the blade. Recharge the battery.

Why is my battery running out of power quickly?

If the battery is old it probably needs a replacement already. If it is still new, you are using to cut a lot of branches or trim a lot of hedges. The more extensively you use it, the faster the power will run out.