Will a Hedge Trimmer Cut Brambles?

Brambles grow very quickly and if not managed right, will spread all over your garden and take over large areas. One question that is often asked is if you can use a hedge trimmer to remove them. Hedge trimmers are often used on hedges and shrubs, but will it work on brambles? Or are you … Read more

Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Weeds?

You have probably heard that the best way to get rid of weeds is to pull them off. But what if there are a lot of weeds in your garden? Pulling them individually is not practical, and this is where a hedge trimmer can prove useful. This tool is not just for hedges as it … Read more

Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Bushes?

Bushes and shrubbery can make any garden look good. But these turfs can grow fast quickly if not regularly maintained. Fortunately there are a number of tools you can use including hedge trimmers. Cutting bushes not only makes your landscape more appealing, but it helps plants because you get rid of dead branches, giving it … Read more

Can Hedge Trimmers Cut Grass?

When we think of hedge trimmers we usually associate it with hedges and shrubs. But is it possible to use a hedge trimmer to cut grass? This sounds silly because lawn mowers are typically used for that. But there are actually instances wherein a hedge trimmer can be used. It cannot replace your lawn mower, … Read more