Are Pressure Washer Guns Universal?

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If your pressure washer spray gun is broken or you want an upgrade, this article is for you. We explain everything you need to know about compatibility, what types of spray guns are available and what you should look for. This post is divided into sections for easy reading.

You can use almost any type of spray gun for your pressure washer. As long as the connectors are compatible, you can buy from any brand. There are only minor differences between spray guns so they are interchangeable with most types of pressure washers.

Are Pressure Washer Guns Interchangeable?

Spray guns generally work the same way so they are interchangeable. They may look different and some have more accessories than others, but spray guns functionality are standardized.

Most pressure washer manufacturers sell their own spray guns. If you want to be 100% sure about compatibility and not mess with fittings, some might suggest buying from the same brand.

But that is not necessary anymore. Most consumer grade pressure washer trigger guns work the same way and compatible with each other. You can purchase a spray gun from any brand and it should fit right in with your pressure washer. You can always check the connection fittings first before buying so there is no compatibility issue.

Bottom line is that spray guns are interchangeable and easy to replace. Pressure washer hoses are another matter and need more considerations. If you are going to replace or upgrade a pressure washer hose, this guide can help.

What You Have to Know about Replacement Spray Gun Compatibility

First we need to clear up the terminology. Vendors use various terms to describe a spray gun. Knowing what these words mean is a must when buying a replacement.

  • Spray gun. Strictly speaking, it refers to the part that has the trigger. Spray gun, pressure washer gun, trigger gun and spray all refer to the same thing.
  • Wand. Also known as the lance, it is the long, metal part of a spray gun.
  • Nozzle. This is the tip that is attached to the wand. It is also known as the spray tip. These are available in different colors which signify their strength

There are two options when buying a spray gun:

  • Spray gun kits. These kits include the gun, wand, nozzles and connectors. Everything you need is included. Our pick is the Yamatic Pressure Washer Gun. which is compatible with all popular pressure washer brands.
  • Spray gun. You only get the spray gun. The rest have to be purchased separately.

Residential vs. Industrial Spray Guns

There are many types of pressure washer trigger guns, but basically it comes down to these two.

Residential spray guns are designed for consumer grade pressure washers. Most have a 4000 PSI capacity and a maximum temperature range of 140 F/ 60 C. The GPM Is about 6-8.

Industrial spray guns are for commercial grade pressure washers. They are more expensive than residential spray guns and more powerful. A typical model has a 12 GPM, 6000 PSI capacity and a temperature limit of 300 F / 150 C.

You can use an industrial spray gun on a residential pressure washer, but a residential spray gun does not work with a commercial or industrial pressure washer.

What to Look for When Buying Pressure Washer Spray Guns

Now that you know the essentials of pressure washer spray guns, it is time to buy. Ordering a replacement or upgrade is easy, but there are some things you have to consider.

Replacement or Upgrade?

This will determine what type of spray gun you are going to get. If you are happy with the current spray gun, a replacement is fine. If you want to get better results, it is time for an upgrade.

If you only need a replacement it is straightforward. Buy a new spray gun, either from the same brand or another. As stated earlier compatibility is not an issue. If the wand, hose and nozzles are still working, you only need the gun, not a kit. Buy a replacement kit if the other parts are worn out or damaged.

A complete spray gun kit is required if you want an upgrade. You cannot buy a new spray gun and expect better results unless you replace the wand and nozzles too.

There are many types of spray gun kits, but a complete set is of course ideal so you do not have to worry about buying other parts separately. By complete we mean the kit includes the spray gun, a wand, connectors and nozzles. Five nozzles are usually included (black, white, green, yellow and one for soap). If you are looking for a complete kit, the Toolcy Spray Gun Kit is as good as it comes.

When Should You Upgrade a Pressure Washer Spray Gun?

The most obvious answer is if the current one no longer works. If the spray gun is damaged, it is time for a replacement. But if you want better results it is recommended to upgrade. This is going to take more research and time. However it is the right course to take if you are looking for better results.

The most powerful spray gun is not always the best. Check the capacity of your pressure washer and its fittings. That will determine what type of spray gun works best with your pressure washer.

Other Features to Look For

Here are some more suggestions and tips you might want to consider.

PSI capacity. Most residential spray guns have a 3000-4000 PSI limit. That is more than enough for most homes. If you need more than 4000 PSI, make certain the spray gun, wand and nozzle can deliver it. The same goes for GPM as well.

Ergonomics. This is often overlooked, but it should not be. If you spend a lot of time pressure washing, holding, twisting and pulling the spray gun and hose will take its toll. An ergonomically designed trigger will make you more comfortable.

Durability. Spray guns are not built equally. Some are more durable than others. If you constantly use the pressure washer, look for a heavy duty spray gun that won’t wear out quickly. It also helps to buy a product from reputable manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a pressure washer spray gun from a brand different from my pressure washer?

Yes. There may be some differences when it comes to the design, but basic functionality are similar. The connectors and adaptors for consumer grade pressure washers and spray guns are compatible. If you want to be sure, check the fittings on your pressure washer if it is compatible with the spray gun of your choice.

Which is better, industrial or residential pressure washer spray guns?

Residential or consumer pressure washer spray guns are more affordable. They are not as powerful as industrial sprayers, but you probably would not need it anyway. Most home pressure washing tasks do not need more than 3500-4000 PSI and residential spray guns can handle that.

Why is my spray gun not working?

There are many possible reasons. The trigger could be damaged, weak water pressure, the hose could be clogged or the nozzle might be damaged. Check the hose for any blockage and also the water flow. If this has been ruled out, try using another spray gun.

Can I use any type of nozzle for my pressure washer spray gun?

Spray gun kits usually include five nozzles: black, white, yellow, green and soap. Others might include variable nozzles or more specialized types. Red nozzles are almost always never included because it is too strong and will scratch paint surfaces.

How long do spray guns last before needing a replacement?

The warranty period varies widely, but a well-maintained spray gun can last for years. As long as it is well-maintained, a spray gun (along with the wand and nozzles) will last for years. Clean regularly and using only as directed by the manufacturer is going to make it last. On the other hand, a poorly maintained is going to wear out quickly.