Are Weed Wacker Attachments Universal?

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Weed wackers or string trimmers are powerful tools, but by using an attachment you can expand their functionality even more. The question is, are these attachments universal? Can you plug attachments made by company A into a trimmer made by company B?

Most weed wacker attachments are not interchangeable. If the attachment is made by the same manufacturer, it should be compatible. But products made by different companies are not guaranteed to work with each other.

Why Most Weed Wacker Attachments are Not Universal

There are several reasons why weed wacker attachments are not universal. While it is nice if we can plug any attachment, it is usually not possible.

The biggest reason is differences in design. While string trimmers generally work the same way, the design varies from one manufacturer to the next.

All you need to do is look at two trimmers made by two companies and you will see the difference. All of them have attachment slots or openings. However, the implementation varies.

A company that makes string trimmer attachments has to choose which brands their product is compatible with. While a lot of attachments are compatible with popular brands, it is impossible for a product to be 100% compatible with all weed eaters.

Using an incompatible attachment might lead to problems. Forcing it could damage the slot. Even if you managed to fit the attachment, the weed eater might not run at all.

Assuming you got the weed wacker to run, an incompatible attachment might overheat the engine and cause it to stall.

Are TrimmerPlus Attachments Universal?

TrimmerPlus attachments and parts are made by Troy-Bilt and are compatible with different weed eater brands The TrimmerPlus is not universal, but a lot of manufacturers support the TrimmerPlus system so it is as close as you can get.

Check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer website if your weed eater supports TrimmerPlus. Among the brands that support it are Cub Cadet, Snapper, Hyper Tough, Craftsman, Bolens, Yard Machines and Remington.

If your trimmer is made by any of these brands, it should be compatible with TrimmerPlus attachments. The simple design makes it easy to connect attachments and turn your weed wacker into a brush cutter, edge, hedge trimmer or cultivator.

If the brand you are using is not listed, do not use TrimmerPlus. The attachment may or may not work. If you force the attachment it could damage your weed eater.

TrimmerPlus vs. Attachment Exchange Systems

The TrimmerPlus developed by Troy-Bilt is not the same as the attachment exchange systems used by other manufacturers.

Attachment exchange systems developed by Echo, Makita and other companies only work with their own products.

The Quik-lok system by Milwaukee for instance. The design makes it easy to plug in attachments and add-ons. Take out a screw, push a button and you are done. But this only works with Milwaukee products.

This is also true for other brands. They each developed proprietary systems so you can use trimmer attachments. These add-ons allow your trimmer to do more without buying an additional tool. However, it will only work with their products.

Is it possible to use an attachment from a different brand? Unless it is compatible with TrimmerPlus, the answer is no. The attachment slots in trimmers have different shapes. It is physically impossible to fit the attachment into the trimmer.

You might be able to modify the trimmer to make the attachment fit. But that presents two problems. First there is no guarantee it will work, and it will certainly void the warranty. Second, this could damage the trimmer. Instead of being able to do more you end up with a broken machine.

Are Echo String Trimmer Attachments Universal?

Most Echo weed eater attachments are not universal. Their attachments are compatible with some Ryobi string trimmers, but do not fit with DeWalt and most Craftsman models.

The best way to find out if your trimmer is compatible with Echo is to check the owner’s manual. It has a list of attachments you can use made by compatible brands.

For example, Ryobi attachments work with Echo weed wackers. You can use an adapter or fit the attachment straight into the slot. However, not all Echo attachments work with Ryobi weed wackers.

The main reason for the incompatibility is the design. The size and shape of the driveshaft, plus the locking configuration determines compatibility.

All three – size, shape and lock system – have to match. For instance, some weed eaters use threaded nuts while others have a collar that fits into the attachment.

Echo weed eaters are not universal because their driveshaft is cylindrical. It is a space saving design, but it only works with Echo products.

This is a general statement however. There are a lot of string trimmers and some of them are probably compatible with Echo.

One to keep in mind is that “universal compatibility” should not be taken literally. When an attachment is called universal, it means compatibility with 3 or more trimmers. It does not imply the product is compatible with 100% all weed wackers.

Are String Trimmer Heads Universal?

While string trimmer attachments are mostly not interchangeable, but other parts have a wider compatibility range.

Universal weed eater heads are available and are compatible with all trimmers as long as the thread shaft is reverse or left hand.

A left hand or reverse thread shaft means you have to rotate the trimmer head counterclockwise to fasten it. If the trimmer head is either of these, a universal head will work. If not, you need to find a weed eater head that matches your trimmer’s configuration.

One more thing to point out: majority of universal weed wacker heads are compatible with straight shafts only. These will not fit with curved trimmer heads.

If your weed wacker has a straight shaft, chances are a universal head will work. It comes down to the size and shape, just like other attachments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Craftsman slot attachments universal?

Majority of Craftsman weed eaters are equipped with a square, 1/5 inch driveshaft. This means most attachments by Yardman, Ryobi, Sunseeker, Remington, Troy-Bilt and Toro are compatible.

We emphasize that most attachments from those brands work with Craftsman. You should still check the owner’s manual to make sure it is compatible.

Will Stihl attachments fit an Echo string trimmer?

No, their configuration is very different. To fit a Stihl attachment to an Echo, you have to modify the trimmer extensively. This is going to void the warranty and unless you are an expert in this, serisouly damage the unit.

Why can’t my Echo trimmer accept TrimmerPlus attachments?

The tubing diameter of the TrimmerPlus and the Echo have a difference of 0.02 inches. That seems negligible, but enough to cause an incompatibility.

Do Stihl trimmers accept TrimmerPlus attachments?

Sthl is not officially recognized as compatible with TrimmerPlus. You might be able to make it work, but it would require modifying either the attachment or the trimmer itself.

Will brand X weed wacker work with brand Y attachment?

The only 100% way to know for sure is to check the owner’s manual for the wed wacker and the attachment. Even if it looks as though the two are compatible, you can never be 100% sure unless the manufacturer says so. Do not take the risk as it can damage the weed eater, the attachment or both.

Is the DeWalt Universal Attachment System really universal?

The DeWalt attachment system is compatible with a lot of major brands. These include Troy-Bilt, TrimmerPlus, Ryobi Expand-it, Remington, Poulan, Husqvarna, GreenWorks and Craftsman. With this you can turn a weed wacker into a blower, hedge trimmer, pole saw or brush cutter.

The system is not compatible with Stihl, Echo, Ego Power+ and Milwaukee. If your brand is not listed, get in touch with the manufacturer first.