5 Reasons Your Chainsaw Cuts Crooked

When a chainsaw cuts crookedly, you know something is wrong. The good news is you can easily find out the cause and fix it. Yes there is something amiss with your chainsaw if it cannot cut straight, but it is not a serious matter to really worry about. With a bit of patience you can … Read more

How Long Does a Chainsaw Bar Last?

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How Long Do Chainsaw Chains Last?

You just finished cutting some green wood and you marvel at how well the chainsaw works. The chain has a lot to do with that of course, so naturally you wonder, how long can you use it? How long can you realistically expect a chain to last? In this post you will learn the average … Read more

Should a Chainsaw Blade Get Hot?

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Does a Chainsaw Need to Warm Up?

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Can You Cut Wet Wood with a Chainsaw?

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Are Chainsaw Chains Interchangeable?

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