Do Lawn Mower Tires Have Tubes?

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The question whether lawn mower tires possess inner tubes or not might seem trivial. But knowing what type of tire lawn mowers have is vital for maintenance. In case you run into problems with the tires, you will know what to do. In this guide I explain what tubed and tubeless tires are.

Most lawn mower tires are tubeless because the rim provides an airtight seal. Since lawn mower tires are tubeless, you can repair a flat without taking the tire off.

How to Know if Lawn Mower Tires are Tubeless

If you have a new lawn mower, it likely has tubeless tires. Older models have tubes. But there are other ways to find out besides the age.

The simplest method is to look at the tire. It will be labeled tubeless, or it will be mentioned in the operating manual.

The difference between the two is the structure. A tubeless tire has bead across either side, When the tire is inflated, the bead locks onto the rim. This produces an airtight seal. Not all tires can be tubeless as the rim must be compatible.

Another way to find out is to check the tire valve stem. If the valve is fastened to the rim, it is tubeless. If there is space between the rim and valve stem, the tire has an inner tube.

Tires that require an inner tube is not airtight. Tires with spokes for instance, allow air to go through it. So what does this mean for lawn mowers? This is answered in the next section.

Why Lawn Mowers Have Tubeless Tires

Lawn mowers have tubeless tires because it makes repair easier. If a tire gets punctured, you can repair the hole right away. There is no need to take the tire off or dismantle the mower.

While mowing grass is a straightforward process, the tires can hit rocks or other sharp objects. This is something to consider if your lawn mower refuses to turn over. It is possible that one of the tires is punctured which is why it is not running.

With a tubeless tire you can get things done in a hurry. All you need is a MoJack EZ Max jack and BeTool a tire repair kit and you are set.

Another advantage of tubeless tires is that they handle heat emissions better. The tire does not overheat quickly and can run in high temperature. Tubeless tires are also low maintenance. This is a huge benefit as it makes lawn mower care easier.

The Benefits of Tubeless Lawn Mower Tires

Most lawn mowers have tubeless tires for good reasons. I am going to list the most significant benefits and why it matters.


Tubeless lawn mower tires are built to last. As you mow, the tires go through a lot of rough surfaces, rocks, debris etc.

Because of the way the tires are built, they can deal with a lot of pressure. And if the tire does get punctured, it is easy to fix.

I also want to add that tubeless tire rubber is heavier compared to tires with inner tubes. This makes the tire harder to puncture.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to have durable tires. The last thing you need when mowing the lawn is a punctured tire. By using tubeless tires, this becomes less of a problem.

Safer to Use

As I stated earlier, tubeless tires are harder to puncture. If that happens, air comes out much slower. The tire doesn’t suddenly go flat so you are safer on a riding mower.

Even as air comes out, you can still drive the mower slowly and park it somewhere safe. This is possible because air flows out slowly. Compared to tires with inner tubes, this is better overall for the mower operator.

If you have ever seen tubed tires go flat, you know how it can seem like an explosion. This happens because the tires get depressurized. This is not an issue with tubeless tires because of their design.

Tubed tires also weigh more because of the tubes. Yes, tubeless tires have thicker rubber, but the tubes add more more to the tire weight. If you have to replace a tire under the sun, you know it is not easy.

Better Temperature Management

Aside from punctures, heat can be problematic, but tubeless tires do a good job taking care of heat emission. When heat builds up, it gets dissipated through the rim.

This means the tire itself is protected from the high temperature. When you are cutting grass during a hot summer day, this type of protection becomes important.

How to Repair a Tubeless lawn Mower Tire

Tubeless tires are durable, but they can still puncture. So what do you do when that happens? It is actually easier than you might think.

You Will Need

  • A lawn mower jack
  • Hole reamer
  • Air compressor
  • Pliers
  • Tubeless tire repair kit
  • Rubber cement
  • Knife

Step 1

Turn the lawn mower off. Place the jack under your riding mower. Adjust the jack until you can get to the punctured tire. You can do this when the jack has lifted the mower 3 inches from the surface.

Step 2

Look for the puncture. Use an air compressor to inflate the tire after you find it. Remove the object that caused the puncture.

Once you have taken the object out, place a hole reamer where the object caused the puncture. You know the reamer was put properly if the tire smooths out.

Step 3

Get the plug insertion tool from your tubeless tire repair kit. Put a plug on it and some rubber cement. Put the insertion tool about 75% in the tire, then take the insertion tool out. You have to do this quickly and with force. If done right, the plug should be uniform with the tire. If not, trim the excess off with a knife.

Step 4

Let the rubber cement dry for 15 minutes. Fill the tire up and it should be good to go. Turn the lawn mower on and you will see the tire look good as new.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do tubeless tires last?

These tires will keep running as long as it is well maintained. And as shown earlier, fixing a puncture is easy.

Do all riding mowers use tubeless tires?

Most of them do. Older models have inner tubes, and there may be a few today that still do. The easiest way to find out is to check the manual or the tire itself.

Is it possible to put a tube in a tubeless tire?

Yes. First you deflate the tire, wedge it and put the tube in. This will necessitate making an opening in the rim. You also have to put rubber cement or another sealant on the tire.

Why are my lawn mower tires so loud?

This usually happens when the tire is loose. Check the installation as there might be a loose fitting somewhere.

Is it possible to tear a tubeless tire?

Yes, it can be punctured by sharp objects. Putting too much psi can also lead to a tear. Always follow the recommended psi amount in your owner’s manual.

Do all lawn mowers work with tire tubes?

No. While it is possible to put a tube in some tubeless tires, this is not always the case. Some lawn mowers only work with tubeless tires. If you put a tube there it could damage the tire. Consult the owner’s manual before proceeding.

Does putting a tube in a tubeless tire improve lawn mowing performance?

No. And if it is a tractor or riding mower, the experience could be worse. A tubeless tire is not meant to be used with tubes. You might be able to put one in, but it is not going to do anything to improve handling or driving.