Can a Snow Blower Get Wet?

Wet snow is two to three times heavier compared to dry snow. It is stickier and in large volumes can take down branches. No question you need to get rid of it, but can a snow blower get wet? Will it work? That is what you will find out in this article. A single stage … Read more

Are Snow Blowers Hard to Push?

Is your snow blower requiring too much effort to push? Perhaps you used to have an easier time but for some reason the machine is harder to move around now. Could that be a sign of serious damage? This post explains what you need to do. A loose blade, damaged friction disc and debris clogging … Read more

Are Snow Blowers 4-Cycle Engines?

There is a wide array of snow blowers to choose from, but the one that a lot of people ask about is the engine. Are snow blowers 4-cycle or 2-cycle engines? And what difference does it make? If you want to get the most out of your snow blower, knowing the engine type is a … Read more