Can I Dry My Dog with a Leaf Blower?

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Leaf blowers were created to remove leaves on the ground. But people have found other uses for it such as clearing debris, drying cars and even cleaning computers. But can you use a leaf blower to dry a dog? How different is this tool from a dog dryer anyway? We conducted the research and this is what we found out.

A leaf blower should never be used to dry dogs because it is very loud and will scare the animal. Also, a leaf blower uses air to pick up objects near it, not dry fur. A pet fur dryer is the best option as those are made specifically for dog fur.

Why Leaf Blowers are Bad for Drying Dogs

If you look this topic up online you will see some discussions on forums about it. Some will point out that a leaf blower dries dog fur as well as any pet dryer.

A leaf blower may or may not dry a dog, but that is beside the point. There are several reasons why it is not a good idea to use it. The following are the most important reasons why. In this guide we will also take a look at alternative ways to dry their fur coat.

Leaf Blowers are Loud

Leaf blowers are loud, no question. The most powerful blowers can reach over 100 decibels (about as loud as a concert) and unpleasant to the ears.

Dog hearing is more acute than humans so if a leaf blower is loud to us, imagine what it is like for a dog. Even if you are several feet away from a leaf blower you can hear it, now what if you bring it close to your dog to blow dry their fur?

Dogs have sensitive hearing and exposing them to leaf blowers up close might cause damage. And you will be exposed to the noise as well. If you have several furry pets your hearing could suffer due to constant exposure to the noise.

Inefficient For Drying Fur

A leaf blower is used to clear leaves. It releases air and picks up foliage and other small objects around it. A leaf blower is not meant to dry anything, Drying is simply a byproduct of its mechanism.

A dog fur dryer generates air pressure to dry fur. The air goes deep into the dog’s coat and removes the water next to their skin. The greater the pressure the faster the fur dries. Instead of a leaf blower, you need something like the Shelandy Groomer.

A leaf blower can only dry animal fur if it has a high enough CFM. Even then you would need to get the blower up close to dry the coat. However, the loud noise will hurt the dog’s ears.

Potential Risks

It is true there are some relatively quiet electric leaf blowers like the Snapfresh 20V Cordless but they are still louder than a pet dryer. Even with the reduced noise, a leaf blower cannot dry dog fur as well as a pet dryer. It is not due to lack of power, but because the tool is not designed for that.

The loud noise is just one of the potential health hazards that arise from using a leaf blower on dog fur. There are others that should be considered too.

Never use a gas leaf blower on your pet as it could expose them to dangerous fumes. It is a risk to your pet and to you as well.

Corded leaf blowers are safer but not entirely. You have to be careful and keep the cord from getting wet. If you just gave your dog a bath and it is wet everywhere, using a corded tool is risky. Dog fur dryers are designed to be used in damp conditions and pose no risk.

The other risk is that leaf blowers will try to pick up everything in its way. If you use it to dry your dog, the blower will also move leaves, dust, mall rocks and other objects around it. These can cause health problems for your pet if they inhale it.

The bottom line is that leaf blowers are not supposed to be used in lieu of pet fur dryers. They are very capable outdoor tools, but not for pet grooming. Even if you can find a blower that can successfully dry the fur, the noise will be too much.

How to Dry Dog Fur

So far this guide has focused on using dog fur dryers, but there are other ways to dry your pet. Which you use is a matter of personal preference. Regardless which you pick, all of these are safer than a leaf blower.

Air Dry

This is the most cost effective method, but not always the best. If your dog is outside he will probably roll over the ground and get dirty again. If the dog is indoors they will likely rub their fur against furniture and leave wet fur and its odor behind.

While air drying can work, it has shortcomings. Avoid this during cold season or humid weather as it could make the dog prone to illness.


This is an effective technique as long as it is done correctly. Do not rub the towel back and forth rapidly as it will cause the fur to get tangled. When it dries your dog’s fur will get messy. Instead, press the towel against their fur and let it soak water.

Repeat this as often as needed until your dog is dry. While effective, you will need a lot of towels. It is also time consuming if you have several dogs.

Dog Fur Dryer

This is what this guide has been focused on and it is the most practical. These dryers are easy to use and make fur drying simple and fast. Compared to other methods it is also guaranteed safe and will not cause harm or distress to your pet.

Hair Dryer

If you are wondering if a hair dryer will work, yes it can but you have to use the right approach. These are applicable for any type of hair dryer.

If your dog is not used to the noise, get him acclimatized. Do this slowly over several days or weeks, depending on your pet.

You can make this easier by giving the dog some food when they come near the hair dryer as it is turned on. They will learn to associate the sound not with fear but treats.

Once your dog is used to the sound, start drying him. Set the dryer to the lowest power and work on their fur. Do not keep the dryer focused on one spot. Keep it moving constantly

The dryer should be several inches away from your dog. You can bring it closer for faster drying, but not too much as your dog might become uncomfortable.

Related Questions

Will using a fur dryer burn my dog’s fur?

Not if you keep the dryer moving all the time. This is also how you should a hair dryer on your dog. Always have in motion so excess heat does not build up.

Is it true a leaf blower can damage dog hearing?

If you constantly use a leaf blower and at close range, then yes it could cause ear damage. That is why it is not a good idea to use a leaf blower to dry any pet fur.

Will using a leaf blower at the lowest setting be safe?

No because the noise level will still be too high. Dogs hear much better than humans, so what is quiet to us is loud to them. Second, even a quiet leaf blower cannot dry fur as well as a pet dryer can.

What animal is it safe to use a leaf blower as a dryer on?

None. Leaf blowers are meant for clearing leaves and other debris. They can also be used on cars and computers, but not living animals.